Harvest in Season

All of our products come from Manisa, Izmir, Balikesir, Afyon and Kütahya. Pesticides and organoleptic analyses are conducted by the producers and farmers we work with and are collected daily.

Detailed Washing

Our products, which reach our factory within a maximum of 8 hours after collection, first undergo a washing process. Here our machine with 6 brushes and 1 shower cleans up all the residue.

Stem, Flower, Leaf Pick

BOur washed products, cucumbers and gherkins, are sent to our Stem-Flower Removal machine, and pepper to our leaf blower. After this process, clean products appear.

Selection Separation Tape

After the washing and cleaning stages, worn and spoiled products are separated with our third eye application. Only high-quality products are processed for the health of fermentation.


Selected products are now placed in tanks / barrels for fermentation. According to the fermentation characteristics of the product, a barrel or tank is selected to be used. And the fermentation process begins by preparing the brine with a recipe specific to the product.

Final Brine

After fermentation is complete, the product is pickled. The final brine is then prepared according to customer requirements (e.g. garlic, hot, sour, mustard seeds, parsley) and sent to the packaging unit.

Custom Slicing

Based on the usage area of the pickle, it is cut according to the customer requirements. Large and hard products such as Cabbage and Carrots are cut thinly, also for hamburgers.


After all processes, our pickles are packed according to the customer requirements. It is made ready for sale as Vacuum Package, Bottle and Bucket or Barrel.


A replicate sample is taken from each series of products prepared for the customer, and the shipment to the customer is approved by analysis.